Containers are typically lightweight structures comprising a structure of aluminium extrusions, a relatively thick aluminium  base sheet, aluminium or composite side and roof panels, and a fabric or metal door. By necessity they are made as light as possible, however they may be subjected to extremely severe handling conditions. Once placed on the ground, any ULD is highly vulnerable to damage in an unforgiving airport/ air cargo operating environment. The rapid growth of air travel, especially air cargo, over the past 10 years has resulted in some ULDs being handled in substandard facilities using inappropriate handling practices resulting in damages which is hazardous to aircraft safety. The result is improper storage of ULD resulting in tens of millions of dollars of damages annually.

 ULD Storage System

Viking ULD storage systems is a solution for Proper ULD management which could possibly range from simple single-level racking to multi –storey systems.

10 Good Reasons For Having A 3 Tier ULD Storage System

1. Space Saving by approximately 3 : 1

2. Less damage to ULD‘s due to correct storage and handling, creating a cost saving.

3. Extended life expectancy for the ULD‘s due to correct managment, storage and handling.

7. Tracking and known whereabouts: Easy to monitor & find, knowing where ULD‘s  are located  at all times, reducing frustration in the workforce (RFID possible).

5.  Reduce operational costs by lower replacement rate and repair.

6. Reduction in manpower.

8. Less hazardous in windy conditions, particularly around aircraft.

9. Appearance: Organized clean storage, less of an eyesore to passengers.

4. Good image for the Service Provider.

10. Prominent name display of Service Provider and Customer Airlines.

 Principle Of The 3 TierULD Storage System

  • The plan view shows the dimensions of a typical installation.


  • The steelwork is fully galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461


  • Crash barrier is standard.


  • The side view shows the framework construction.


  • A low voltage system is standard. (Control system & lighting).This adds to safety.


  • Headroom deck 1 and 2 is 1.9 m.

Scale Drawing