Arctic Cooler

The ArcticCooler is a Temperature controlled towed Vehicle consisting of eight Wheel undercarriage with swivel castor type steering. The braking system is tow bar actuated and brakes the rear wheels. The rear hitch is a spring loaded pin type. The roller bed consists 4 lane roller decks, spring loaded steel rollers with stops for different size containers. The body is made with 100 mm thick sandwich panels with rigid injected CFC free polyurethane foam as insulation material. An insulated roller shutter door is provided on the right side and 3-leaf insulated hinged door is positioned on the Left side. The unit is mounted with a Diesel / Electric powered refrigerated unit with a digital control. Operating temperature of this unit is from +2 to -20 degrees Celsius. Accessories like fuel tank, Battery unit with box, Fire extinguisher etc are included